{ P R O P S / S E T   D E C O R A T I O N,   S T O R Y B O A R D S  &   P O S T E R S }
logos + collateral
Experience includes prop graphics, set decoration graphics/artwork, storyboards for film and commercials, set mock ups, posters and title cards. Clients include 13 Reasons Why Netflix Series, Sense8 Netflix Series, IBM, Google, Modelo, Chase Bank, Starbucks, Welly,  Matrix 4 and Fairyland (premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival).
Posters for Modelo commercial : 'The Fighting Spirit of Anderson Paak'
Various props & set dec for 'The Matrix Resurrections'
Various set dec posters for Steph Curry + Under Armour commercial 'CHANGE THE GAME FOR GOOD'
Storyboard for the opening animation for 'Dolores Huerta's 90th Birthday Celebration'
Posters for VR short film En Machina and RJD2 music video by Gus Gavino

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