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Creatively collaborating with Alena Museum in Oakland for the past 2 years has allowed me to translate my digital designs into educational, interactive installations and environments for the public to experience and enjoy. 
"HUOYAO: Fire Medicine" outdoor installation for Live is Living Festival 2019. An educational timeline of how guns were created and the social impact on the African American community. Created in collaboration with Alena Museum, Oakland.
"NASSI: Rebirth" was a full indoor art installation in an unused storefront in Old Oakland. Through multi-sensory installations, visitors would walk through the peaks and valleys of the African diaspora, experiencing the beauty, pain, culture, and community. Created in collaboration with Alena Museum, Oakland.
Created in collaboration with Alena Museum, Oakland.
“Oakland, We Love You." was an interactive art installation at the California Endowment’s Oakland Block Party 2018. I created part 1 of a 3-part installation, an interactive mural to illustrate the concept of a shared economy. In collaboration with Alena Museum, Oakland.

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